Prolactal featured in REGAL Magazine

Prolactal in REGAL Magazin
Exclusive organic products – Prolactal has been producing milk powder and whey derivatives for the food industry for over 60 years.

After the company has strategically realigned itself, Prolactal is today the world market leader in the field of organic milk and whey powder for baby food. Prolactal plans to double its sales again in the next five years.

Read the full article here (German).




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Get to know #teamprolactal

Our core business is the fractionation of milk and whey into its valuable components.

Our products are based on organic cow, goat, sheep, GMO-free and lactose-free milk.

Prolactal Announces Strategic Partnership with Biopulver GmbH


„A shared vision to provide highest quality dairy protein solutions in a sustainable and innovative approach“

Nikolaas Vles, CEO Prolactal