Production Process

Fresh Milk

Our production process begins with the delivery of the highest quality fresh organic cow and goat milk or whey. Following stringent incoming quality inspections, the liquid raw material is further fractionated and refined through the use of latest technological methods and eventually brought into a permanently stable form through a drying process. Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art membrane and filtration technology, enabling us to produce high value whey derivatives directly from milk. Due to our long-term experience, technological and production know-how and flexible equipment set-up, Prolactal can cater to highly demanding client specifications.

Newest Technologies

The necessary technologies are based on ultrafiltration for the recovery of whey and milk proteins, ion exchange and electro dialysis demineralization of whey, lactose, as well as rendering all the casein from the milk.

Individual Products

Through further production steps in our mixing operation, the individual milk components obtained can be recombined in accordance with the customer's recipes and other functional requirements. Our entire production system is geared towards the permanent separation of raw materials during the production process. This makes us one of the few suppliers worldwide to produce milk derivatives from goat whey.

Product Groups

Prolactal Organic Cow Products
Organic Cow

Organic WMP Spray
Organic SMP Spray
Organic Yoghurt Powder
Organic MPC 85
Organic WPC 50
Organic WPC 70
Organic WPC 80
Organic Native WPI 90
Organic SWP
Organic SWP dem 70
Organic SWP dem 90
Organic SWP dem 90 HS
Organic Lactose
Organic Native SWP dem 90
Organic Native WPC 80
Organic SMP A2
Organic WMP A2

Prolactal Goat Products

Organic Goat WMP Spray
Organic Goat SMP Spray
Organic Goat SWP dem 90
Goat WMP Spray
Goat SMP Spray
Goat SWP dem 90
Goat SWP dem 90 HS
Goat Lactose
Goat Native MiCC
Goat Native SWP dem 90
Goat WPC 55
Goat Native MPC

Prolactal Sheep Products

Sheep SWP dem 90
Sheep SWP dem 90 HS
Sheep WPC 60
Sheep Lactose
Sheep WMP

Prolactal Specialty Products

WMP Spray GMO-free
SMP Spray GMO-free
SMP Spray Lactose-free
MPC 85 GMO-free
WPC 35 GMO-free
WPC 60 GMO-free
WPC 80 GMO-free
WPC 80 GMO-free Veget
Yoghurt Powder GMO-free
Bekaplus BP 800

Quality Assurance

In our internal laboratory we ensure a seamless quality management system starting with the reception of raw material, going on with its processing and ending with the delivery of our products.

Prolactal has all relevant certifications of many important and globally recognized certification organizations within the food industry, including Organic, China Organic, FSSC 22000, Kosher, Halal, AgroVet Certification, GMO free, Austria Bio Guarantee, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We are 100% China Organic certified with full traceability, which is a condition for sale of infant nutrition in China. Our plant is also CO2 neutral plant with ISO 14001 standard.

Some of our certifications are available as PDF documents for you to download