Prolactal GmbH Hartberg

Originally established as part of the “Wechselgau” dairy cooperative in 1957 and acquired by Israel Chemicals (ICL) in 2015, Prolactal today is a leading value-added dairy ingredients producer headquartered in Hartberg, Austria.

Originally established as a co-operative dairy and milk drying facility, today we are solely dedicated to separating milk and whey into their valuable components using the latest technology and refining them for further processing within the food industry.  

We are a leading provider of organic cow and goat milk derivatives for infant formula endorsed with the highest quality certifications. We employ around 200 people in our state-of-the-art, Net-Zero plant.

Situated in the heart of the Alpine region in close proximity to all necessary resources, we are sourcing premium, high quality organic milk and whey.

We supply customers in over 35 countries across key markets of Asia Pacific, Western Europe and the Middle East. 60% of our business is generated in Asia Pacific, 40% in EMEA. We are the leading premium dairy protein ingredient player in the organic infant formula market in China.



Prolactal Timeline Geschichte
Prolactal Timeline Geschichte
Prolactal Hartberg Plant

Location Plant Hartberg

Focus: MPC, WPC, Lactose, Casein, Permeate, Demineralisation

Organic Products: 70% of our production quantity is based on organic milk

Sustainable Energy Concept: Power generation based on renewable raw materials

Employees: approx. 200

Output: approx. 35.000 mt/year

Certifications: ISO 22000:FSSC, Organic, Kosher, Halal



CEO Eduard Croitoru Prolactal

Eduard Croitoru


Harald Krobath


Barbara Katzbauer

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Daniela Marcu

Chief Financial Officer

Stefano Kohlmann

Director Sales & Marketing
Isabelle Pitter Head of Supply Chain Prolactal

Isabelle Pitter

Supply Chain

Carina Magnet



At Prolactal thinking about tomorrow’s world, today is more than just a matter of following contemporary trends. Our company has been operating at Net-Zero since as early as 1984.

All our facilities are equipped with heat recovery, exhaust air filters, and cooling systems with process cooling. In addition, we only source green electricity and utilize our dairy by-products in biogas facilities. Our own flotation system not only efficiently and reliably pre-treats any wastewater, it even ensures wastewater quality above the local water purification plant’s legal requirements. Our own treatment plant is currently under construction – it will further relieve the local treatment plant in the city of Hartberg.

Furthermore, Prolactal proudly refers to its certifications according to the Energy Efficiency Act, the EN 16247-1, as well as SEDEX, which guarantee ethically sustainable manufacturing in the supply chain.

Our Certificates

Environmental Management ISO 14001

Work Safety OHSAS 18001