Social Responsibility and Commitment at Prolactal

Here at Prolactal we are committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Because this is our vision: To help build a more healthy society and responsible use of sustainable resources. This vision rests on four commitments:

1. Environmental efforts

The primary focus of Prolactal’s corporate social responsibility is the environment. We take any step we can to reduce the carbon footprints for both the company and society. Therefore, our company has been operating CO2-neutral since as early as 1984. The Sustainable Energy Concept allows power generation based on renewable raw materials: we source green electricity and utilize our dairy by-products in biogas facilities. Our plant is equipped with heat recovery, exhaust air filters, and cooling systems with process cooling. Our own flotation system pre-treats any wastewater and even ensures wastewater quality above the local water purification plant’s legal requirements. Our own treatment plant is currently under construction and will further relieve the local treatment plant in the city of Hartberg. Further, we strive to process high quality organic raw materials. In 2020, 70% of our production quantity is based on organic milk.

2. Philanthropy

We are privileged to have the resources that can benefit charities and local community programs. With good reason, we are the lead sponsor of TSV Prolactal Hartberg, have been supporting cultural events such as the “ClariArte“, local societies and organisations like the Sterntalerhof and Weihnachtspackerlaktion.

3. Ethical labor practices

Our employees are our most valuable resources. Therefore, a healthy, happy and strong team is important to us. Besides providing job opportunities to people with special needs and the commitment to ethical and fair play, we support a great work-life-balance: We provide a vast variety of information about health & nutrition and encourage an active lifestyle for our employees. Together we attend sport events, take an active part in a daily sports routine, compete in cycling races, running events and more.

4. Volunteering

By doing good deeds without expecting anything in return, we want to express our concern for specific issues and commitment to certain organizations. Together with our parent company ICL, we celebrated ICL’s Global Volunteer Day, which was filled with community activities around the world: Prolactal employees participated in clean-up activities and supported staff at the retirement home Menda in Hartberg.

Nourishing Humanity Naturally – for a sustainable and ecological environment. See more on our company history and facts here.

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