The Heart of Our Company – Our People

What is it that motivates you? For us, it's our people, our colleagues, our employees. They are our partners, our inspiration, our future.

What is it that motivates you to go the extra mile? For us, it’s our people, our colleagues, our employees. We do not only invest in modern machinery and product innovations. We enjoy investing in our people the most. They are our partners, our inspiration, our future. 

Respecting work-life-balance

The way we do business is just as important as financial performance, and that includes how we work with our people. We place health and wellbeing first. At least a healthy workforce always equals a healthy business. There is no doubt about that. Our primary stakeholders – our employees – have ever-increasing expectations on health issues. To create a working atmosphere of pride, commitment and health, we started the company health program ProAktiv a few years ago. Thereby we implemented various ways employers can incorporate wellness into their work and their employees‘ lives – whether it’s personal recommendations, participating in fitness activities, or healthy snack options in the office.

Empowering young talents

It is a personal matter to help young people shape their future and start their careers. So we see taking responsibility in the area of training as a way of investing in the future. Training arrangements with regional schools allow pupils to peek into the world of work, gather lots of information and make contacts. Besides promoting career opportunities with the youngest, we aim to educate and train the youth by providing multiple apprenticeship openings. Young people are most welcome to start their career with Prolactal. We are particularly pleased when young talents decide to stay with our company beyond the training years and support those candidates through our internal development and promotion system. The promotion of promising young employees helps them develop professionally and improve soft skills, such as active listening and the authority to make decisions on behalf of a team. 

Promoting personal development

By investing in the personal development of our people, we are investing in producing greatness within our company. Our efforts include giving employees the chance to take the initiative to expand their opportunities, subsidizing education programmes or „second chance education“, creating growth plans, encouraging departmental change and career progression, and more. We want to approach it from a whole-life perspective, so employees bring their positive attitudes home and to their communities around them. 

Fostering inclusivity and diversity

Prolactal places a particular emphasis on corporate social responsibility with our staff, local communities and the overall society. We understand that we need to work collaboratively inside and outside the organization in order to hold ourselves to ever-higher standards. Therefore, we aim for driving business through social responsibility and inclusivity. Moreover, we support local small businesses (such as Bienenfink) and social organizations (such as Sterntalerhof) and participate in the yearly Volunteering Day by our parent company ICL. 


At this point, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our team. You are amazing! The people we are working with are a wealth without which Prolactal would not be what it is today.

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