Ten things you did not know about operations at Prolactal

Did you know that Prolactal operates Net-Zero, that we pack 100 kg per minute with an automated packaging system or that we process 1.000.000 kg of raw materials every day?


1. We operate Net-Zero

The preparations for exclusively green electricity for climate-friendly production in Europe are already well underway. For the sake of the environment, we at Prolactal have operated in a Net-Zero manner since as early as 1984. Thereby, we forego entirely coal-based electricity and obtain our electrical energy from only green sources. Our dairy by-products are used in biogas facilities. Our plant is equipped with heat recovery, exhaust air filters, and cooling systems with process cooling. Furthermore, our waste water treatment plant efficiently and reliably pre-treats any wastewater before it finally gets treated in the local treatment plant in the city of Hartberg. The decision also fits with our overall strategy. We proudly refer to our certifications according to the Energy Efficiency Act, the EN 16247-1, as well as SEDEX, which guarantee ethically sustainable manufacturing in the supply chain. Read more in this article: How we became a Net-Zero company


2. We process 1.000.000 kg of raw materials every day

The responsible use of raw materials along the value chain forms an integral element of Prolactal’s corporate policy. Regional agriculture is held in high esteem internationally, and Prolactal plays a part in living up to this reputation. Our production process begins with delivering the highest quality fresh organic cow, goat and sheep milk or whey. At least 70% of our production quantity is based on organic milk from the Alps, which makes our raw materials more sustainable. In addition, we increase regional value by preserving our valuable landscape. As a global business located in the heart of the Alpine region, we became a BIO AUSTRIA quality partner in 2020, the first point of contact for all organic agriculture enthusiasts. Read more on the importance of organic sourcing and production at Prolactal here: Organic as an opportunity and commitment


3. We produce 100 tons of high-quality dairy products every day

Our mission is to provide the best quality products – they drive the spirit of innovation within our company. The liquid raw material is fractionated and refined through the use of the latest technological methods and eventually brought into a permanently stable form through a drying process. Prolactal’s plant is equipped with state-of-the-art membrane and filtration technology, enabling us to produce a yearly output of 35,000-40,000 tons of high-value milk and whey derivatives. Our milk powder is contained in products for infant nutrition, confectionery, adult nutrition, sports and lifestyle and the dairy industry. See more on our products:Prolactal’s product range.


4. 190 employees work around the clock

When it comes to a company’s most valuable asset, many areas come to mind: customization, innovation, product range and so on. At Prolactal, we consider our most valuable asset to be our employees, the workforce of our company. Therefore, it is our priority to invest in our people by providing them with a comfortable and safe work environment. We therefore brought to life ProAktiv, our corporate health program, focusing on a healthy workforce, an excellent work-life balance and a strong team spirit.


5. We pack 100 kg per minute with an automated packaging system

Since August 2020, we have been packaging our lactose using our innovative in-house lactose bagging system. It consists of six fluidization silos. Later at the standardization silos, different product parameters can be set, depending on the customer. We are able to pack 25 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags by using the highest hygienic standards, meaning the entire bagging system is under constant overpressure. Furthermore, the product is sieved and moved over a permanent magnet to avoid foreign bodies. Thanks to the exceptional hygiene standards maintained, lactose from Prolactal is ideally suited for producing high-quality infant formula. Almost 100 % of our lactose is sold to the baby food industry. Watch the video on our bagging system here


6. We employ people from different backgrounds

A diverse workforce consists of people from all walks of life – different backgrounds, genders, ages, races, statuses, religions, and abilities. Diversity is our goal and main business advantage, not only because workplace diversity lends itself to increased innovation and better results. It’s simple: When employees of various backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and perspectives come together, everyone shares an alternative approach to the job and the problem at hand. And after all, workplace diversity breeds creativity and productivity, both aspects we highly value at Prolactal. Check out our Youtube Channel to get to know our team: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5kVm5D0UAh8UVSrq_ZzrU5kaAr5_iFoV


7. We always strive for better, faster, greener

As a company with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. We constantly implement new products based on emerging trends and customer needs. This explains our focus shift to organic products as early as 2011. As of 2018, we have extended our focus to goat and sheep products, free-from dairy products and whey powders. Since 2020, A2 dairy products have made up a vital part of our product portfolio. We cooperate with promising partners and invest in state-of-the-art technology. Prolactal always strives to find new ways to be greener, more fuel-efficient, and utilize better technologies. Not just now, but for all generations to come.


8. All of our products are tailor-made for each customer

At Prolactal, we create every day. Our goal: to meet the needs of our clients in a highly customer-oriented environment. We can cater to highly demanding client specifications due to our long-term experience, technological and production know-how and flexible equipment set-up. Our focus on customization can be seen in the end-products: No two products are the same. The individual milk components obtained can be recombined in accordance with the customer’s recipes and other functional requirements. We, therefore, always work in close cooperation with our customers and partners. After all, in addition to Prolactal’s range of basic and premium milk and whey derivatives, it is the wholly individual products that set us apart.


9. We are committed to our society

Because social values are just as important to us as ecological ones, we meet all employees, partners and humans in general on an equal footing. Here at Prolactal, we are committed to driving societal change. By doing good deeds without expecting anything in return, we want to express our concern for specific issues and commitment to certain organizations. Together we donate to and support local organizations, and together with our parent company ICL, we celebrated ICL’s Global Volunteer Day. Besides this, we provide job opportunities to people with special needs, are committed to ethical and fair play, and support work-life balance: Together, we attend sports events, participate in a daily activity routine, compete in cycling races, run and more.


10. We are always looking for new talents!

Prolactal offers a safe, versatile and tolerant work environment. Our employees are driven by ambition, team spirit and the constant motivation to learn new things — our mission: to further innovation in all areas of our company. Everyone of #teamprolactal is a valued member and contributes. Click here to see our vacancies.

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