Prolactal is BIO AUSTRIA Quality Partner

Prolactal is BIO AUSTRIA Quality Partner
We are proud to announce that we have become a BIO AUSTRIA partner.

BIO AUSTRIA is an Austrian association with 13,000 members of farmers and businesses providing organic products and acts as the representative of the organic agriculture in Austria. Among the more than 380 BIO AUSTRIA partners are butchers, bakers, dairies, wholesalers, logistics companies and more.

See our short introduction on the BIO AUSTRIA Website (German) here.

BIO AUSTRIA members produce organic foods that surpass the legal requirements of the EU’s regulation on organic production: for example, brother roosters are to be bred, or cattle feeding must consist of up to only 15% of concentrated feed, compared to the 50% in the European organic regulation.

BIO AUSTRIA is the first point of contact for all enthusiasts of organic agriculture. By choosing to become a quality partner we also contribute to this amazing community of organic farmers.

Here you can find all advantages of BIO AUSTRIA products here.


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