Prolactal Announces Strategic Partnership with Biopulver GmbH

Biopulver GmbH Prolactal Partnership
Prolactal is pleased to announce that it entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Biopulver GmbH.

Prolactal GmbH (“Prolactal”) is pleased to announce that on 31 December 2020, it entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Biopulver GmbH (“Biopulver”) located in the Western part of Germany, pursuant to which Biopulver shall supply Prolactal with a dedicated production line for infant formula ingredients.

The Biopulver plant is a greenfield factory investment by Swiss Holle baby food AG, which has a track record of producing 85 years of organic baby food. The powder drying plant focused on the processing of goat milk is operational since May 2020. Its production processes, including highest standards in the area of hygiene and sterility, are geared towards the infant formula industry requirements. The ingredients are suitable for dry blend processing. Biopulver has been approved for export to China by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) on 7 January 2021. Further expansion of Biopulver’s processing plant is planned in a second phase. 

The high-quality, stable and reliable supply from Biopulver will support Prolactal to further strengthen its leadership position in the premium infant formula markets, in particular for goat, organic goat and organic A2 ingredient offerings. Prolactal remains responsible for the sourcing of infant formula-grade milk and whey, which has been long-term secured in close proximity to the Biopulver plant.


Biopulver GmbH Prolactal Partnership
Biopulver GmbH Prolactal Partnership

Speaking about the new partnership, Nikolaas Vles, Prolactal CEO stated:

We are extremely pleased to enter into this strategic partnership agreement with Biopulver, a state-of-the-art drying company with whom we have a shared vision to provide highest quality dairy protein solutions in a sustainable and innovative approach. Considering the confident market outlook for premium infant formula products, raw material sourcing possibilities, logistical advantages and Prolactal’s ambitious growth plans for the coming years, the partnership comes for us at the right time. We are excited about the products that we can offer to the market through this partnership”.


About Prolactal

Prolactal GmbH is a leading provider of organic cow and goat milk derivatives for infant formula endorsed with highest quality certifications. Prolactal supplies customers in more than 35 countries across key markets of Asia Pacific, Western Europe and the Middle East. Prolactal’s CO2 neutral plant is situated in Austria, in the heart of the Alpine region, with access to high-quality organic milk and whey locally.

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