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In today’s fast-paced world, customers are more demanding, competitors are more likely to respond to trends quicker and staying on top of it all is tough and time-consuming. However, this also provides a chance to differentiate yourself as a trendsetter in the industry.

This especially applies to the dairy industry, where consumers become increasingly more conscious of where products come from, their impact and affordability. To cater on this path, building customer loyalty and giving edge to your product, Prolactal offers its “Native Whey Protein” range. A range of speciality dairy ingredients, with which your final product will stand out. These benefits include functional benefits as well as positioning benefits. Let’s look at some main highlights of our native whey proteins:


Ideal for clean-label products

Native Whey protein is undoubtedly the cleanest, most natural, and least processed whey protein in the industry. At Prolactal, native whey proteins are produced directly from milk, with state-of-the-art filtration technology. As cheese production is not part of the supply chain like with any traditional whey protein, these proteins are in their natural form and less processed. With the increasing demand for functional dairy ingredients – mainly due to the active-lifestyle trend – consumers are savvy enough to recognize the functional benefits of proteins. With changing demands, there come new criteria that influence purchasing decisions. Consumers are looking for products that combine functional benefits with clean-label, organic, natural, or wholesome benefits, in both food and active nutrition products1. With Prolactal’s native whey protein, your products can better fit such demands.


Superior nutrition – with fast recovery & improved digestibility

Due to the nature of the process, native whey has superior functional and compositional properties when compared to conventional whey stream derivatives. Native whey is typically rich in essential amino acids (EAA), which contribute to several nutritional benefits along with improved digestibility. This EAA consists of native whey including tryptophan, cysteine and leucine. The former helps create serotonin, which is responsible to regulate mood, appetite, and sleep and signals to the muscles. Balanced serotonin contributes to endurance during exercise2,3. Moreover, Cysteine can help bolster the body’s antioxidant defences and glutamine, which can benefit intestinal health4. Leucine is a key amino acid for muscle synthesis, ideal for sports nutrition formulations.


Healthy fit in numerous applications

With superior nutrition, native whey speciality ingredients are a healthy choice ingredient for a wide range of well-being applications. In comparison to cheese whey, casein, and soy protein, native whey has a relatively superior amino acid profile for healthy adults, when compared to the chemical index. Thus, it is an ideal fit for senior nutrition applications and supplements, because of its higher EAA. Moreover, because of its stand-out nutritional benefits, good solubility and smooth sensory profile, the ingredients are an ideal solution for most relevant applications using powdered products, such as protein shakes.


Functional benefits

With state-of-art technology, native whey proteins are derived from membrane separation, making them easy to handle and highly functional soluble proteins. Once derived, it has a similar conformation as that of pure fresh milk giving better foaming, which is ideal for various applications. The ingredient is also a superior emulsifying agent compared to conventional whey, as it is examined to give increased emulsifying properties. Thus, it can replace costly ingredients, for instance, eggs, in applications such as pound cake. Lastly, native whey provides better gelling behaviour for applications where structure and mouthfeel are of importance. Furthermore, if the recipe requires heat treatment, native whey protein provides good acid solubility and high binding properties during the process.

With our native whey protein range, dairy, nutrition and indulgence manufacturers get the opportunity to develop various premium products that can fit different age groups – whether the product is positioned as a high-end premium product to target a specific niche or to develop products that cater to the millennials‘ demand of clean and beneficial consumption.


Prolactal’s Native Range Portfolio:

To serve you in developing products with Prolactal’s native range, we offer Organic Whey Protein Concentrates (WPC) 70 Native, Organic WPC 80 Native, and Organic Whey Protein Isolates 90 Native. We understand that every consumer market may vary and has different requirements. To serve your specific needs, we customise each product by developing native ingredients, based on our customer needs. Please contact our sales specialists here.



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4- https://examine.com/articles/whey-protein-and-efficiency/

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