Superior milk proteins for active nutrition and outstanding sensation

Prolactal Organic Milk and Whey powder
Prolactal Proganic® and BEKAPLUS® BP800 represent a key addition to our growing portfolio of high-quality nutrition solutions.

Superior concentrated protein content by dairy expert Prolactal

Prolactal’s superior milk proteins are part of the ‘Specialty’ product range with improved functionality and come in two variations: Organically certified and GMO-free. Prolactal Proganic® is derived from 100% certified organic milk and BEKAPLUS® BP800 is GMO-free quality. Both are manufactured using a high-quality process design which results in a superior protein that can be used in a variety of dairy applications.


How does Prolactals superior milk proteins differ from standard milk powders? 

Our milk proteins contain high levels of casein proteins and low levels of lactose. They are manufactured by ultrafiltration in our high-tech dairy plant in Austria. The superior milk proteins deliver a heat stable solution with a clean, milky taste profile.


Product Features

  • Low-level of lactose
  • High-level of natural calcium and phosphorus
  • High casein content in the milk protein
  • Smooth, creamy texture and rich mouthfeel


Key sensory benefits for yoghurt and cheese applications

The market continually trends towards creamier yoghurts and cheese. These are gourmet products that consumers buy to enjoy, so richness and texture are in high demand. Consumption patterns for yoghurt and cheese are also evolving as part of an overall healthy lifestyle trend. Consumers are looking for healthier products with less fat.

Prolactal’s superior milk proteins are effective, functional ingredients that naturally improve the creamy texture of your preparations. They are used for versatile nutritious and tasty applications. The protein source guarantees superior texture characteristics with an outstanding creamy mouthfeel.

Prolactal Proganic® and BEKAPLUS® BP800 milk proteins are especially suitable for:

  • Protein fortification in yoghurts and dairy based beverages delivers superior texture characteristics
  • Production of cream cheese without drainage and improved mouthfeel
  • Production of processed cheese with an excellent flavour profile


Key benefits for active nutrition

The best single predictor of how well an athlete will recover after training or competing is their protein status. Therefore, protein supplementation is critical to maintaining sufficient amino acid levels for repair and growth of muscle tissue. Furthermore, modern consumers are more and more educated and increasingly conscious of the direct link between their diet and their overall wellbeing, which inspires them to seek out the best possible nutrition to support their wellness goals and lifestyle choices. Therefore, consumers now tend to value healthy and performance enhancing food.

Prolactal’s superior milk proteins come just at the right time. Choose between organically certified and GMO-free quality.

Both contain micellar casein. This casein is a slow digesting protein that has been shown to release amino acids into the bloodstream for many hours after consumption, thereby delivering prolonged satiety. It is very suitable for post workout nutrition. Another benefit of Prolactal’s superior milk protein is its measure of natural calcium and phosphorus. Both minerals’ main function is the formation of bones and teeth.

The combination of slow digesting proteins and highly bioavailable milk minerals makes Prolactal Proganic® and BEKAPLUS® BP800 milk proteins the perfect food for hard training athletes and active consumers.


Do you have any questions or want to inquire samples?

Driven by consumers’ beliefs and increasing awareness of the health benefits associated with protein consumption, Prolactal supports customers to win in the market, especially in the areas where nutrition and functionality matter most. With our superior milk proteins, Prolactal Proganic® and BEKAPLUS® BP800, you can achieve high protein levels in products that appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. At the same time, their creamy texture will exceed consumers’ expectations, leaving an impression.


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