We produce a concentrated protein through a filtration process from milk and whey. These high quality milk and whey protein concentrates have a protein content of 35-85%. In comparison to other sources of protein (egg, wheat, soy), milk / whey proteins have a high content of essential amino acids with a very good biological value.
Milk Protein Concentrate Powder 85%
Milk Protein Concentrate 85% (milk protein retentate) is made from ultra filtered skim milk using a product gentle spray drying process and therefore has highly functional emulsifying properties.
Whey Protein Concentrate / WPC (RoviProt) Powder 35-80%
Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), available with a protein content of 35-80%, is made from ultra filtered whey using a product gentle spray drying process. Since it has a particularly high level of functionality, it can be successfully used in many food applications. WPC is also available in a heat-stable quality.

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