Whey Products

Whey is obtained as a byproduct from the production of cheese. The fresh whey is refined in further processing steps to various dry products. On the one hand we gain whey proteins and lactose from whey through filtration technology. On the other hand we have the necessary demineralization technology to remove unwanted salts and minerals from the whey for some applications.
Acid Whey Powder
Acid whey powder is produced through spray drying of thermally concentrated acid whey.
Demineralized Whey Powder 50 – 90%
Partially demineralized whey powder, available from 50 to 90% demineralized, is processed through spray drying of partially demineralized sweet whey. The demineralization of the whey is achieved through electro dialysis and ion exchangers. This is also available as a heat-stable product.

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