Whey Products Made From Goat's Milk

As a specialist provider in goat's whey, we are able to offer excellent whey derivatives made from goat's whey. Goat's milk products, because of their excellent properties, are very well suited for further use in the baby food industry.
Demineralized Goat Whey Powder to 90%
Demineralized Goat Whey Powder 90% is produced by the spray drying of partially demineralized goat sweet whey. The demineralization of the whey is achieved through electro dialysis and ion exchangers. This is also available as a heat-stable product.
Goat WPC 80%
Goat Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), available with a protein content of 55 % and 80%, is made from ultrafiltered goat whey using a product gentle spray drying process. Since it has a particularly high level of functionality, it can be successfully used in many food applications.
Goat Lactose
Goat lactose is processed from concentrated and crystallized goat’s whey through decantation, washing and drying.

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