Natural goat milk casein

The new natural goat milk casein by PROLACTAL is a casein concentrate, recoverd directly from the milk by fi ltration and a gentle spray-drying process. Our product is a pure protein concentrate with 80% protein in dry matter, made in Austria, and in compliance with European food law. The goat milk casein has a deliciously pleasant milky taste.


  • as protein supplement for pre- and post-workout and muscle growth
  • for protein fortification of goat‘s milk products, yoghurt, etc.
  • for protein fortification and stabilisation of goat cream cheese
  • for goat cheese production
  • and much more.


Ziegen MICC
Item No. 151.104
Packaging in paper bags with PE inner liner, 15 kg each
1200/800 mm palettes of 450 kg each

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