Benefits of Micellar Casein in Sports Nutrition

Benefits of Micellar Casein in Sports Nutrition

What is Micellar Casein (MC)?

Micellar casein is the natural protein powder from milk. The nutrient-dense substance is produced through microfiltration of skim milk where most of the lactose is filtered out. Small amounts of whey are left. 

What are the main benefits of Micellar Casein?

The most impressive benefit of this nutrient-dense substance is that it encourages the building of muscle. Another advantage of this dairy protein is that it creates and sustains a feeling of satiety, helping keep hunger at bay. The casein nourishes more and longer than other proteins due to the associated slower absorption. A protein shake made from micellar casein will fill you up longer than a whey shake, for example. The casein protein is the ideal protein for the long-term supply of the muscles, for example overnight.
Additionally, by its nature, Micellar Casein keeps its natural structure, which makes it highly bioavailable (digestible by the human body). Together with calcium phosphate and other ingredients in milk, casein forms so-called micelles. These form lumps in the stomach, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients.

Prolactal Micellar Casein


Texture and aroma of MC

As for flavour and texture, MC is prized for its light and clean, yet creamy, milky flavour and aroma. When used as an ingredient in sports nutrition foods and drinks, MC is highly soluble with stable levels of both viscosity and suspension and exceptional emulsification properties.

When is it recommended to consume casein?

Of course, it always makes sense to consume casein, as this type of protein is very high quality and well-tolerated. However, in some specific situations, casein is superior to other protein sources and therefore more preferable.
In a good-night shake
Casein is particularly popular with fitness athletes as a shake in the evening. Due to its slow absorption, the protein provides the body with constant protein over a period of 6-8 hours.
As a snack shake
A Micellar Casein Shake is very suitable for a shake between meals. The casein will fill you up much longer than other shakes. This can help to eat less. In addition, micellar casein has very good nutritional values for a diet.
As a source of protein in a reduction diet
If you want to lose weight, you first and foremost have to save calories. Nevertheless, enough protein should be supplied in order to avoid a protein deficiency. Micellar Casein combines both. Good micellar casein shows its strengths, especially in a reduction diet. The muscle-protecting effect lasts over a longer period of time.

Why Choose Prolactal’s Micellar Casein?

Prolactal micellar casein stands out as a perfect ingredient in sports nutrition products, ready-to-drink protein drinks, ready-to-mix protein powders, desserts and other specialized nutrition products. Prolactal Micellar Casein is produced using gentle, low-heat methods of ultrafiltration. Our product retains the natural flavour and creamy quality of real milk. The highly nutritional powder lends itself to a variety of applications.


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