Ease your way with Organic Whey Derivatives

Organic Whey Prolactal
At Prolactal we offer demineralized whey powder and whey protein concentrates, which are ideally suitable for infant formula.

What is Whey?

Whey is simply a valuable nutritious by-product of cheese production, which could be used by dairy derivates manufacturers to make valuable and highly nutritious ingredients.  At Prolactal we transform this by-product into demineralized wheypowders and whey protein concentrates, which are ideally suitable for infant formula.

What is Whey derivatives used for?

Whey derivatives are mainly used as food ingredients in various applications, from baby food and adult nutrition to chocolate and sweet confectionary, bakery, and savoury products. As whey derivatives can be prepared in different types, its inclusion purpose in food application varies from functional to nutritional, indulgence and more. 

Within Prolactal we are specialized in making high quality products from it for Infant Formula Producers. We have a successful, long history of making high quality products and are considered a benchmark producer in the organic dairy ingredients industry for Infant Formula.

Types of Organic Whey derivatives by Prolactal

Demineralized Wheypowders

Developed in a robust process, it is demineralized to reduce mineral salts from whey. 90% Demineralized Wheypowder is ideally used as a certified ingredient in Infant formula. Neutral taste. Possible from different sources, including cow, goat and sheep. 90% demineralized rate is ideal for use in infant formula.  Heat stable variant possible.

Whey Protein Concentrates

Through an ultrafiltration process, we adjust protein to the right concentration to meet food manufacturer’s needs. Contains all 9 essential amino acids. Used in infant formula, sports, and adult nutrition. Available in native range. Possible in Kosher and Halal variants on request.

Your smooth way with Prolactal’s Organic Whey Derivatives

As early as 2011, Prolactal recognised the advantages of organic milk and extended its product range to cater to growing various demands and trends. Through flexibility and customization, we have established a global value chain, which allows us supplying the increasing demand for different organic milk ingredients worldwide. We hold various certifications relevant for different markets and application.  Contact sales@prolactal.com for more details.

You can view our current product overview here.  

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