A2 Milk – The milk of the future?

The focus on original, regional and sustainable food is an inexorable trend in Europe, which has a lasting effect on all of our shopping and eating behaviour.
At the same time, the health aspect of nutrition is becoming more and more important for many people. The range of trendy foods “with a feel-good factor” on the market is constantly expanding. Correspondingly, a new type of cow’s milk has appeared in the dairy aisles. This product, called A2 milk, has garnered attention from both consumers and scientists.

What is A2 milk? 

A2 milk comes from cows, sheep, goats or buffalo with the genetic trait A2-A2. Today it is assumed that all races originally carried A2 genes and that the A1 type or A2-A1 mixed type – which is mostly produced in Europe today – has emerged through breeding. This is why A2 milk is often referred to as „original milk“.
Cow’s milk consists of approximately 3.5% milk protein. These are mainly caseins, which in turn can be divided into alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ) and kappa (κ) caseins. A2 milk is milk that has a certain form of β-casein in the protein content, the so-called β-casein A2 instead of the widespread A1 form of β-casein.
The A1 form and the A2 form of casein scientifically differ only slightly from each other: namely only in the 67th position of the amino acid chain. In the A1 form of β-casein, the amino acid histidine is located there; in the A2 form, the amino acid proline is located there. What does that mean now?

Why is A2 milk popular?

The structure of A2 protein is more comparable to human breast milk, as well as milk from goats, sheep, and buffalo. Additionally, many people swear by the better tolerance of A2 milk. Even lactose-intolerant people report from time to time that A2 milk is easier to digest. This has not yet been fully proven scientifically.
However, scientist found that, when A1 protein is digested in the small intestine, it produces a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). The intestines absorb BCM-7, and it then passes into the blood. Doctors have linked BCM-7 to stomach discomfort and symptoms similar to those experienced by people with lactose intolerance.

Are A2 milk and A2 milk products already available?

More and more farmers are converting their herds to A2 milk. With the help of targeted breeding selection, the herd can gradually be converted to A2 dairy cows. However, this process takes time, often over several generations.

Use our A2 milk products to expand your product range and reach your current and future customers.

Prolactal is selling exclusively business to business, mainly to the infant industry and the baby food industry. Going forward we want to enter new markets, such as A2 milk, NOP milk standards and organic goat milk.

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