Vitafoods Europe from May 10–12


Prolactal delivers high protein ingredient solutions at Vitafoods
Applications expertise and protein management for texture and stability

Functional knowledge of protein behavior allows for innovative ingredient systems that satisfy currently trending applications such as high protein yoghurts and beverages. Prolactal, part of ICL Food Specialties, will showcase functional ingredient systems for protein-rich products at Vitafoods Europe, taking place from May 10–12 in Geneva, at booth number K139.

ICL and Prolactal offer dairy-based solutions for products that have high protein content and improved texture and stability, with applications in dietary supplements, sports nutrition, various dairy products and more.

Prolactal extracts dairy proteins directly from milk through advanced membrane filtration. This process ensures that the proteins are free from additives or coloring. Prolactal is one of a few companies that can offer these proteins in certified organic quality.

Taste the difference
Protein management, as showcased in these delicious prototypes, is one of our differentiating competencies across varying markets and applications:

  • Mango Protein Beverage: Clear high-protein drinks are in high demand but tough to produce. This prototype features BEKAPLUS® BP 900, a whey-protein isolate that brings high-protein content to a variety of clear drinks, ranging from sports drinks and water to juice and alcohol-free beer.
  • Low-Fat Vanilla-Flavored UHT Dairy Beverage: Featuring BEKAPLUS® B 1210, this high-protein beverage optimally protects dairy proteins during UHT processing. Made from milk with 1.5 percent fat, this pH-neutral, stabilized dairy beverage contains more than 10 percent protein per serving, providing improved nutrition without sacrificing taste.
  • Power Yoghurt: The creamy high-protein Greek-style yoghurt features NC 80, Prolactal’s new line of milk protein concentrates. Also available in organic quality, they are a natural source of dairy proteins. The yoghurt has a protein content of up to 10 percent with enhanced texture profile and a creamy mouth feel.

In 2015 Prolactal became part of ICL Food Specialties bringing expanded ingredient systems and application expertise to the food and beverage industry. The result is superior texture and stability solutions for organic and high-protein applications.