Produktions Prozess

Our production process begins with the delivery of fresh milk or whey. After the preliminary testing has been completed, the raw material in liquid form is further fractionated and refined through the use of additional technological methods and eventually brought into a permanently stable form through a drying process. The necessary technologies are based on ultrafiltration for the recovery of whey and milk proteins, ion exchange and electro dialysis demineralization of whey, lactose, as well as rendering all the casein from the milk. Through further production steps in our mixing operation, the milk components obtained can be re-combined in accordance with the customer's recipe and other functional requirements. Our entire production system is geared towards the permanent separation of raw materials during the production process. This makes us one of the few suppliers worldwide to produce milk derivatives from goat whey.

Product Groups

  • Whey Products

    Whey is obtained as a byproduct from the production of cheese. Through further processing steps it is refined to various dry whey products.
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  • Dairy Products

    Fresh, pasteurized milk is processed through spray and roller drying into a wide variety of products with different fat contents.
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  • Caseinates & Casein

    In addition to whey protein, casein is the second protein fraction of milk. Casein, obtained directly from pasteurized skim milk, is further processed directly into caseinates.
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  • Protein

    Concentrated protein is recovered through a filtration method from milk and whey. These high quality milk and whey protein concentrates have a protein content of 35-85%.
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  • Lactose

    Lactose is defined as the total amount of carbohydrates (sugar) in milk. It is processed from concentrated and crystallized whey through decantation, washing and drying.
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  • Lactose-free products

    Through an enzymatic process, the lactose in the milk is removed and separated into other sugars. Through thermal concentration and subsequent spray drying, we can offer lactose-reduced and lactose-free dry milk products.
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  • ORGANIC Products

    We obtain high quality organic milk and organic whey from strictly controlled, certified organic dairies. Under applicable EU-ORGANIC regulations we process these raw materials through product-friendly steps into various ORGANIC powdered milk products.
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  • Milk and Dairy Products made from goat's milk

    As a specialist provider in goat's milk and goat's whey, we are able to offer excellent milk derivatives made from goat's whey.
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